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Based in beautiful Victoria, BC, Foundry Spatial is a software development company making it easier for people to understand water sustainability information to create a better balance between social, economic, and environmental needs. Our diverse team of highly skilled environmental scientists, software developers, geospatial experts, and business leaders aim to connect people with technology, science, and data to empower sustainable resource management decisions.

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We take a holistic approach when hiring for our team. Committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion, we value individuals with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. As a result, we have created and continue to foster a strong and rewarding work environment that challenges the status quo of resource management and defines the environmental tech industry, allowing you to see the real-world impacts of your work.

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Explore our employment opportunities below if you are interested in a pivotal role that spearheads better decision-making, primarily helping to address 21st-century water management challenges, which are some of the most significant impacts of global climate change.