Bullet-proof hardware seeks bomb-proof software


A match made in natural resource heaven..

Next month Ben Kerr, CEO and Senior Water Scientist at Foundry Spatial will be at the Latornell Conservation Symposium in Ontario, meeting with conservation authorities, government and non-profit workers, students and others interested in making sound environmental decisions. That’s nothing new – Ben regularly shares his data analysis expertise with others (and regularly shows off the Fountainhead software he designed to do it).

What’s new is for the first time Ben is at a conference with a hardware manufacturer, FTS – an environmental monitoring company with more than 30 years of experience and an international footprint.

“Teaming up with one of the world’s best hardware manufacturers makes sense for us,” says Kerr. “We’re happy to build innovative software, and leave the bullet-proof hardware design to the experts.”

Foundry Spatial’s Fountainhead software is “technology agnostic,” meaning that it works with any kind of database, regardless of the hardware used to collect it, and whether it is stored in the cloud, on a machine, or on a local network.

“FTS has a proven track-record of building reliable hardware for collecting data in extreme environmental conditions,” says Kerr. “And we have a proven track-record of building reliable software that turns that data into actionable information. It’s a match made in natural resource heaven.”

How does it work?Foundry Spatial Fountainhead

Fountainhead rapidly and accurately accesses and aggregates water data, then generates beautifully-presented online reports to users, including easy-to-understand charts and graphics:

  • see current water conditions in the context of historical monitoring
  • explore how past years data compare to the present, how much variability has been observed during a customizable time period, and how different time periods compare
  • understand your data side-by-side other publically-available monitoring networks

All you need is a web browser to access the power of Fountainhead’s sophisticated data analysis and rendering tools. It does all the work for you.

Fountainhead is used by federal, provincial/state and municipal governments; industries including oil and gas, mining, forestry and agriculture; environmental groups; First Nation communities; and a wide range of recreational users, including fishers, kayakers, and other adventurer lovers. A few places to see Fountainhead in action:

Cariboo Water Tool: http://cariboo.bcwatertool.ca/stream

BC Water Portal: www.bcwatertool.ca/waterportal

Alberta Water Tool: www.alberta-watertool.com


Already going to Latornell?

Foundry Spatial and FTS will be at booth #16 for the entire conference, November 15-17 – drop by, we’d love to meet you, and give you a demonstration of a hardware-software match made in natural resource heaven!