New Collaboration with University of Victoria on Surface Water - Groundwater Interactions

A little behind on announcing this, but last November we received notice that our application was successful for a Collaborative Research and Development Grant from the National Science and Engineering Research Council, in partnership with Dr. Tom Gleeson and his Groundwater Science and Sustainability Research Group at the University of Victoria. The project is off to a great start, with a first research paper submitted and pilot project underway in the Navarro River basin of Northern California. I was able to vist the Anderson Valley a couple weeks ago to see the study area first hand. Aside from checking out the terrain and water features, I got a little taste of the local culture - the town of Boonville evolved it's own dialect in the late 1800's, 'Boontling'. Our pilot project there is looking at how pumping 'ruby nebs' (pristine, mineral rich well water) interacts with streamflow in the drainages running through the valley.