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Omineca and Northwest Water Tools Updates

Building on our past successes and continuing to facilitate science-based decision making, we have released updated versions of our Omineca Water Tool (OWT) and Northwest Water Tool (NWWT) for British Columbia. The newly released versions of the tools include new estimates of hydrologic variability, full mobile compatibility, and the ability to interact with generated report content within the application. The OWT provides estimates for BC’s central interior, while the NWWT provides estimates across the northwest corner of BC. Through these tools, users are able to rapidly generate reports describing the hydrology of over 1.7 million watersheds collectively in the covered regions.

The updated features increase the accuracy and accessibility of watershed information in BC by providing estimates of streamflow for rivers, lakes and streams. These reports also include information on existing water users in the watershed and other watershed characteristics such as land cover, climate, and predicted future climate change. Water decision makers are able to access information on potential water supply in a format that is transparent, easily interpreted, and informative.

The Omineca and Northwest Water Tools are developed and provided for public use by Foundry Spatial Ltd. in partnership with the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations, and Rural Development. These point-and-click GIS-based hydrology decision-support tools provide guidance on water availability across northern BC and support the decision-making process for water use approvals and licences. By helping scientists, industry explorers, communities, and government decision-makers better understand accurate, real-time information about water resources in British Columbia, the Omineca and Northwest Water Tools are revolutionizing traditional hydrological data analysis.

Conventional approaches to hydrological data analysis can take several weeks and thousands of dollars to generate information and adjudicate water licence applications in British Columbia. By providing actionable insights on demand, we are closing the time-information gap that once hindered project productivity and extending the accessibility of watershed information to all British Columbians.

Quick Facts:

  • The Omineca and Northwest Water Tools provide water supply / demand information at over 1.7 million locations in northwest and central interior BC
  • The Omineca and Northwest Water Tools are public facing applications designed for scientists, industry explorers, communities, and government decision-makers
  • Recent updates introduce information on variability, full mobile compatibility and the ability to interact with report content within the application

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