Presentation at BC Institute of Agrologists AGM

Tomorrow I'll be in Abbotsford at the BCIA AGM presenting in the "Flood or Drought: Water Resources in a Changing Climate" Professional Development Session. My presentation, "Using data to support water resource management decisions" will show how three of the water tools we have developed in BC help decision makers, water users, and the public better access and understand water data.

The presentation will showcase three tools:

The Cariboo Water Tool will be demonstrated to show how data from thousands of monitoring sites operated by more than a dozen agencies is integrated in a clean, continuously updated map based tool.

The Northeast Water Tool (NEWT) will showcase water information reporting that can be generated for millions of watersheds in BC, giving stakeholders information on water supply, demand and the needs of the environment to make more informed decisions.

And finally, the Groundwater Review Assistant will show how hydrogeology practioners can access all available data on groundwater resources when they are considering drilling a new well at any location in Northeast BC. Sound confusing? Hydrogeology is, but the tool isn't so go ahead and take it for a spin!

Putting this presentation together I came across this video from when the first version of NEWT was nominated (and won!) a Premier's Award for Innovation back in 2013. It gives a great view of how helpful these tools are from a decision support perspective.

If you're reading this and will be at the AGM tomorrow, come up afterwards and introduce yourself, I'll be happy to meet you!