Intelligent Water Management Suite

The Intelligent Water Management Suite provides users from governments, indigenous communities, and industry with a set of analytical tools driven by cutting-edge science and technology which provides a live picture of water resources at any location with the click of a button.

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Our Products

Watershed Management

Proven by the success of our flagship products - the British Columbia and Alberta Water Tools, our Intelligent Watershed Management solutions automate data acquisition, create insight, and present diverse aspects of freshwater management information in a meaningful way. Water supply/demand analysis, water quality data, environmental policy, and water rights decision-making are reported in real-time in an integrated, web-based application that would typically take water practitioners days or weeks to produce.

Water Rights Intelligence

In the face of climate change, we emphasize transparency and understanding of water rights to preserve the future of water by supporting reallocation policies, trading markets, and collaborative solutions for water scarcity. Our solutions provide automated intelligence and external risk analysis of water rights that can be used for valuation, policy considerations, and environmental initiatives. We help you understand what water rights currently exist and the future challenges emerging around supply and demand in watersheds across the globe.

Mining Water Management

Water represents a major operational and reputational risk that the mining industry struggles to address. Collecting and aggregating data to make sense of water quality, future water supply, and reporting is cumbersome. The risk of mismanaging water translates into detrimental business impacts like billions of dollars lost in revenue and jeopardizing operating licenses. Our web-based software creates a single source of truth for water management information by bringing a standardized and automated approach to collecting, analyzing, and reporting on all critical components of mining water management. We can help you bridge the gap between external water risks and operational decision-making, save costs, and reduce business risk.

Cutting Edge Science and Technology

Accessible to policymakers, researchers, businesses, industry, and other representative groups, our solutions offer the security of foundational, verified methods while simultaneously allowing for bespoke adaptations. Our deep expertise, knowledge, and demonstrated ability to deliver this information through web-based solutions in operational settings differentiate us.

Core Benefits

Science For Real-World Problems

The linkages between groundwater and surface water have become a stressor in many watersheds. Due to the complexity of the underlying geological systems, the impact of groundwater use on surface water can be understood through advanced modelling techniques and can not be measured directly. Our automated streamflow depletion analysis can help you better understand the factors that influence the quality and availability of water at any given location.

Actionable & Scalable Insights

Water risk is a business risk. Our solutions are scalable and accurate, proven by their ability to integrate data sources with the current location-specific information such as legislation, regulations, and government activities. Water-related problems often transcend administrative and spatial boundaries, and our solutions can help you understand the complex and location-specific factors that impact the particular context of your business needs.

Custom Geospatial Solutions

Managing, analyzing, and formatting data to generate insights can be difficult and time-consuming. Our user-centred design process and toolbox of trailblazing technologies optimize strategic solutions for your spatial and temporal needs. Ultimately, they revolutionize how complex science is accessed, explored, and understood.

Value Creation With Automation

Automating data acquisition, modelling, visualization, and reporting minimize manual efforts, making business processes more cost-efficient, error-proof, and consistent. The time and resources saved can be used on other key business processes.

Business Intelligence

We specialize in making trailblazing aquifer and watershed information come to life through web-based platforms to secure and manage water now and into the future. Using our tools, you can locate, click, and generate an analysis for a chosen aquifer, river, stream, or lake location.

Overview of Features

Watershed Reporting

The Watershed Reporting module provides a detailed summary of the watershed characteristics such as seasonal water availability, existing water rights, environmental flow needs, elevation, land cover, climatic conditions, as well as predictions of climate change impacts, on-demand, for any location. Our real-time web-based watershed reports would typically take professionals weeks to produce.

Cumulative Diversion Analysis

The Cumulative Diversion Analysis module evaluates the impact of natural variability and existing water demand for a new proposed diversion of surface water, so you can see the bigger picture and be informed about the factors that can influence water availability. This feature eliminates the need to sift through various sources of data to understand what is happening in the watershed, and what it means for your new or existing water right.

Groundwater Review Assistant

The Groundwater Review Assistant module provides a comprehensive summary of groundwater knowledge for a user-defined area integrating dozens of sources of information. It acts as proof of diligence for people looking at new uses or activities that could have impacts on groundwater. As a result, existing knowledge that is available is taken into account to help make informed decisions.

Streamflow Depletion

The Streamflow Depletion module estimates the depletion of lakes, rivers, and streams due to groundwater withdrawals. During times of scarcity, understanding the interaction between groundwater and surface water is essential - and understanding how groundwater pumping affects the surrounding landscape is a critical component to sustainable water management. This feature provides depletion estimates in real-time, for any location, leveraging peer-reviewed science.


Our single-interface solutions allow users to explore, access and monitor different aspects of water information such as streamflow gauges, water quality, and weather data at a specific location. This lets you understand the seasonal dynamics of natural systems, and place current conditions in the context of historically collected data. By aggregating data from dozens of different organizations, you can avoid wasting time having to find and synthesize data yourself.

Collaborate To Innovate

We work with experts in hydrology, forest ecology, and data science and partner with academic and scientific groups to ensure lasting impacts with every interaction. We have collected a set of inspiring examples to help you get a feel for our work. Each of our case studies outlines a unique data-driven solution for an identified problem or pain point.

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Flagship Solutions

BC Water Tools

Partners: Province of BC, BC Oil and Gas Commission

The British Columbia Water Tools provides access to environmental monitoring data and analytics for tens of thousands of locations across British Columbia with intuitive, map-based tools.

BC Water Tools

Alberta Water Tool

Partner: Alberta Upstream Petroleum Research Fund

The Alberta Water Tool is a point-and-click tool that helps scientists, industry explorers, communities, and government decision-makers to understand accurate, real-time information about their water resources in Alberta.

Alberta Water Tool