Full-Stack Web Developer

Foundry Spatial is a fast-growing environmental analytics firm based in the beautiful city of Victoria. We are recruiting for an enthusiastic, talented person to join our development team. Foundry develops and maintains products which provide insights into environmental data.

The Company

Foundry Spatial has provided products and services to the environmental sector since 2009. Today Foundry’s water tools service large parts of western Canada. Foundry’s clients include major government entities, industrial and private customers seeking innovative technological applications and product development support. Foundry has received awards for its ground-breaking, decision-support technologies for more efficient water resource management, and has several products in the development pipeline. Our culture is West-Coast relaxed, with work and life pursuits in balance.

The Position

Are you a developer who wants to bring scientific data to the web in beautiful, interactive ways? Our team connects environmental data with people making sustainable environmental decisions. We work with the best open source tools using exciting new technology and are continually improving our products as we learn and grow.

Some of the technologies we work with:

  • Modern javascript technologies: Node.js, ES6+, VueJS, ExpressJS, Webpack, Babel, etc.
  • Mapping and visualization libraries (Leaflet, Mapbox GL JS, D3, Vega)
  • Python (including Pandas with NumPy)
  • PHP
  • SQL (PostgreSQL & PostGIS)
  • Git / Jira

We’re looking for developers who are strong communicators with a passion for technology and sustainability. You should like to tinker, but love finishing projects even more. You will also be expected to provide input on how our tools are designed, built, and created.

Essential qualifications for this position are:

  • Front-end web development experience (including use of reactive frameworks)
  • Backend development (RESTful APIs)
  • Interest or experience in mapping, data viz or statistics is a plus
  • Eye for UI/UX
  • Commitment to continual improvement, and willingness to learn, share and explore new ideas with other team members
  • Demonstrated experience (side projects, portfolio, GitHub, blog)

The Location

Victoria is a great city to live in, with its cultural and demographic diversity, thriving music and arts scene, and direct access to the natural world through boating, cycling, hiking and camping, enjoying a moderate north Pacific climate.

Why should you apply?

Foundry Spatial has a great team of web-developers, hydrologists and data scientists. We feel strongly about working in a field that leads to better environmental practices worldwide, by blending science with thoughtful software development and design.

Foundry Spatial runs on a 37.5 hour work week, strives to pay competitively, while maintaining a benefits program commensurate with the size of the firm. Our current office is regularly stocked with great teas and coffee and is located outside of the city center, close to cycling trails, on a frequent bus route, and has free on-site parking.

If you are ready to join the team and help fuel Foundry’s growth for the next decade of its life, please apply!


Please send your résumé and a cover letter to merie@foundryspatial.com, addressed to the hiring manager. We will conduct in-person or video-conference technical interviews, and invite successful applicants to partake in a panel interview with Foundry Spatial staff. Though educational and professional qualifications are essential, we also strive to maintain a good culture-fit between existing team members and potential future employees.

While we are thankful to all applicants for their interest in the posting and we carefully review each application submitted, we will only get in touch with applicants whose profiles we feel are the best match for this position.

Foundry Spatial is an equal opportunity employer.