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We created the Boiler to share stories behind the science, data, and technology that matters to us. In specific, we discuss scientific and technical topics with application to water management. For those who are interested in learning more about how our tools are helping to pave the path towards a more sustainable future, dive into our blog.

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Our work within our community provides an in-depth connection that is fostered through data-driven technology- providing guidance and education. Our multimedia approach helps us interact with an environmentally focused collective, featured through podcasts, live streams, and several other forms of engagement.

Podcasts and Videos

Waterloop Podcast (2021)

Ben Kerr, Tom Gleeson, and Melissa Rohde talk about using emerging technology for groundwater management in Canada and California to organize and expand data for better decision-making.

Mapbox Lunchbox Livestream (2020)

Ben Kerr, Duncan MacKenzie, and Erica Eckes talk about empowering government agencies’ decisions to shape the future of watersheds and aquifers.

CRCSI Conference (2014)

Ben Kerr explains NOLA, a suite of tools that were designed for decision-makers and industry professionals in the water management field.


Waters Next Award (2021)

Ben Kerr was recognized as a “Business Leader” in the category “People” and the Foundry Spatial Water Framework was awarded “Water Resources” in the category “Projects and Technology”.

VIATEC Technology Awards (2016)

Foundry Spatial received an award for having ‘Innovative Excellence’ in our ‘Software or Service’.

BC Premier’s Awards (2013)

The Northeast Water Tool (NEWT) was given an award in ‘Innovation’ for reducing the time and cost required to prepare, comment on, and adjudicate water-use applications accurately.