Always science-forward

Our approach integrates science, technology and data to support better decision-making. To continue expanding, we work with experts in hydrology, forest ecology, and data science and partner with academic and scientific groups to ensure our solutions are cutting-edge.

By investing in fundamental research that develops new scientific and technology approaches, our frameworks and solutions are improving people’s understanding of the world.

Our Approach

We believe science and technology can help you understand the local context for decision-making by starting with three questions:

What is the information needed to make a decision?
How can science & technology provide this?
Are there limitations with the available data?

Delivering Solutions

Our solutions are like icebergs. The tip of the iceberg is the user interface - simple, beautiful and well designed above the water. But below the water is significant science and technology advances that we highlight here for the inner nerd in all of us. Our science and technology advances focus on some key topics:

Surface water resources and watershed hydrology
Groundwater resources and groundwater-surface water interactions
Forest and riparian ecosystems in a changing climate

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