Foundry Spatial in Action

Developing a solution doesn’t need to be complicated, thanks to our customizable process. It can be started and finished at any stage, depending on your needs and resources. So whether you already have a clear vision for your solution or need help generating an innovative idea to solve your most pressing challenges, we will collaborate with you every step of the way!

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We work with you to help define and understand your needs through a user-centred design process that delivers real solutions for real problems. Our team drives new insights into the solution to maximize benefits and outcomes throughout this process. At every step, we collaborate with you to ensure alignment through the design process to collectively create and execute solutions that better the world around us.


We work with you to expand your vision and offer the security of foundational, verified methods while allowing for bespoke adaptation through our groundbreaking science and technology such as our Foundry Spatial Water Framework. Our framework is customizable and proven by operational deployments integrating regionally specific data sources, peer-reviewed science, and jurisdictional policy in Canada and the United States.

Collaborate With Us!

Foundry Spatial prides itself on having industry and technological expertise to create, integrate, and deploy truly superior custom geospatial software solutions for our clients. We collaborate with organizations, ranging from governments to private enterprises, in and beyond the water sector to help us deliver innovative projects.

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BC Oil and Gas Commission

“Foundry Spatial turns millions and millions of numbers into something that actually explains the hydrology of an area.”

Assembly member, California Legislature

"This tool will provide water users with a quick and inexpensive way to assess existing water supply and demand, addressing one of the biggest existing barriers to developing streamflow enhancement projects that benefit both ecosystems and people."

Province of British Columbia

“A $1.2 Million investment is generating $30 Million annually in opportunity value.”