Our solutions are

trailblazing aquifer and watershed science on web-based platforms

All of our solutions are built using our Water Framework, which automates environmental data acquisition, analytics, modelling and reporting in a user-friendly interface designed to support sustainable decision-making. We created the Water Framework using our expertise in geospatial information, data science, and software development.

Foundry Spatial In Action

Our flagship solutions, the British Columbia and Alberta Water Tools, are deployed across 1.5 million km² of Western Canada. They allow users from governments, indigenous communities, and industry to make more informed decisions about watersheds, aquifers, and to better understand the impact decisions have on the local environment.

Our breakthrough science on the effects of groundwater pumping on streamflow depletion and freshwater ecosystems are being utilized by NGOs and governments in California.

Alberta Water Tool

The Alberta Water Tool is a point-and-click tool that helps scientists, industry explorers, communities, and government decision-makers to understand accurate, real-time information about water resources in Alberta.

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British Columbia Water Tools

The British Columbia Water Tools provide access to water budgets for any location and environmental monitoring data and analytics for thousands of locations across British Columbia with intuitive, map-based tools.

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Our Expertise

Foundry Spatial provides a live picture of water supply, ecosystem needs, and human water use across the landscape. Unlike traditional consulting studies that take weeks or months to produce for a single location, our customers can access all the information they need, for any location, at any time. We have experience in the areas below, but are always open to new challenges. Contact us about your needs for a water or spatial data-focused solution.

Water Use and Licences
Streamflow Analysis
Water Source Evaluations
Land Use Planning
Infrastructure Planning
Ecosystems Management
Sustainability Targets
Climate Change Impacts
Conservation Projects

Why us?

At Foundry Spatial, we focus on making data and science easy to understand. Our scalable solutions wrap real-time data and science in intuitively-designed interfaces, making actionable insights accessible to decision-makers at all levels.

Value Creation with Automation

Real time insight means smarter freshwater management. Our approach saves you time and money by automating data acquisition, modelling, and reporting normally associated with costly water studies.

Understanding Water Risk At Your Location

Water risk is business risk. For corporations, governments, and NGO’s that need to know water risk at specific locations, our backend systems provide the most detailed, location-specific data available for watersheds and aquifers, presented in an understandable way.

Dive Deeper into Environmental Impacts

We prioritize environmental needs, delivering science focused on sustainable decision making. Ingrained in our Water Framework are environmental flow needs, sustainability thresholds, and groundwater impacts on freshwater systems.

Let’s collaborate

Foundry Spatial aims to secure the future of watersheds and aquifers - we continue to thrive on projects that focus on innovative and collaborative science. We are interested in collaborating with future-focused organizations to help us deliver innovative projects.

Let’s work together to improve aquifer and watershed management, now and for the future.