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Big Data and the Internet of Things have become pervasive in the modern industrial context and create ever-increasing quantities of data. Extracting value and optimizing business processes is where the challenge truly lies, effectively transforming data into actionable and accessible knowledge.

For industries with complex operations over large geographic areas, it is essential to understand how business components fit into the world they operate in. For companies that rely on reliable supplies of water, or that can be impacted by adverse weather conditions, building awareness of the relationship between their assets and environmental conditions is the critical first step to developing resilient strategies across their portfolios.


Water Ecology Industry

Read about how an American retailer has reduced their supply chain vulnerability by building real-time awareness of threats to their operations.

The true value of data is unleashed when it generates knowledge that can be clearly presented and shared.

The first stage of the knowledge journey is to capture data that is directly connected to decision making needs, the key indicators that drive corporate performance, but also fulfill external reporting and compliance duties.

Foundry Spatial Technology Framework users are able to visualize and explore answers to their operational challenges and expose raw or processed data and reports externally through a flexible data-handling and analytics platform which seamlessly interfaces with existing IT resources and formats.

Versatility and adaptability have been key to delivering solutions that work for the Oil & Gas, Forestry and Mining industries, as well as the Transport and Supply Chain sectors.

  • Streamline routine data collection and analysis with automated tools and transform one-off, location-specific engineering analyses into regional assessments
  • Integrate streaming IoT and sensor data into business processes
  • Connect company data with weather hazards and other environmental data to improve awareness and mitigate risk to operations, people, and inventory
  • Deploy expertise in the natural resources sector to conceptualize and design  custom data handling and interactive platforms for clients
  • Help companies meet regulatory reporting and compliance by automating data integration and report creation
  • Support multi-criteria assessments that encompass business, environment and infrastructure data

Foundry Spatial Technology Framework saves users money by cutting down time-consuming data discovery, acquisition, and reporting, allowing them to evaluate context sensitive scenarios in a manner of seconds.

It enables improved environmental performance, by providing transparency into the supply and demand side management of the systems which in turn ensures operational compliance and provides transparency in operations for local First Nations and other stakeholders.

Based on a reliable framework for our clients’ data management challenges, we help to produce forward-looking knowledge.