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Water information solutions

Managing freshwater resources requires vast amounts of data. From ensuring secure drinking water supplies for communities, through protecting ecosystems and habitats, to ensuring robust supplies for agriculture, power generation, and other water intensive industries, data is the key to finding balance of this dynamic resource.

But finding, processing, and integrating this data into decision making processes can be incredibly difficult. The difficulty in understanding and managing water resources leads to problems that we see today
- Cape Town’s Day Zero, civil war in Syria, and the California water crisis.


Water Ecology Industry

Find out how Foundry Spatial helped the British Columbia Oil & Gas Commission transform water management.

Foundry Spatial Water Framework contains spatial data representing the pathways that water uses to move across the landscape - from mountain headwaters through aquifers and streams, across valleys to the ocean.

The amount of water at any given time is derived from hydrologic models built on streams of monitoring data. Ecosystem needs and human impacts on the system are represented - drawing from sustainability science and government databases of water rights:

  • Quickly and easily evaluate the watershed associated with any stream, river or lake and understand new water use proposals in the context of existing use, natural supply, and environmental needs
  • Develop proactive measures such as demand management, enhanced monitoring, and more detailed assessment of local hydrology
  • Blend a web-map based interface with flexible, interactive charting and analysis tools, that allows users to explore the raw data using a suite of hydrologic analysis techniques
  • Understand estimated real-time flow conditions in relation to historical flows and specified regulatory flow thresholds
  • Implement strategies at the sub-regional and regional levels, and create cohesive representations of water knowledge, monitoring, research and decision making activities

With an integrated platform for data access and transparent analysis, water managers can unlock the value of data to transform their approach to water management.

Foundry Spatial Water Framework saves users money by cutting out time-consuming data discovery, acquisition, and reporting, allowing them to evaluate context sensitive scenarios in a manner of seconds.

Furthermore, it enables improved environmental performance, by providing transparency into the supply and demand side management of the systems.