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Foundry Spatial Water Framework

The Foundry Spatial Water Framework is an implementation of Foundry Spatial Technology Framework designed to specifically address the most challenging issues associated with water management by providing accurate, timely data and analysis to water resource management professionals.


  • With an integrated platform for data access and transparent analysis, water managers can unlock the value of data to transform their approach to water management.
  • Automating data acquisition, model execution, reporting and visualization of results in a web-based framework allows for a broader group of water resource professionals, and the general public, to understand surface and groundwater resources.
  • One of the most pressing issues in water management is understanding the impact of groundwater use on surface water supplies; consequently, the latest offering to the Foundry Spatial Water Framework is a streamflow depletion module.
  • Foundry Spatial Water Framework saves users money by cutting out time-consuming data discovery, acquisition, and reporting, allowing them to evaluate context sensitive scenarios in a manner of seconds.
  • Foundry Spatial Water Framework enables improved environmental performance, by providing transparency into the supply and demand side management of the systems.

Core Offerings

Streamflow Depletion Surface Water Depletion from Groundwater Pumping

We unlock the mystery of how groundwater is connected to surface water
  • Project impacts of groundwater pumping on streamflow depletion. Add new well(s) and find out which streams they will impact now or in the future; or for a given stream, find out which well(s) are currently impacting stream flow, all in real time!
  • Utilize robust analytical depletion models to analyze groundwater pumping scenarios so management decisions can truly support long term environmental sustainability.
Understand the sustainability impacts groundwater extractions have on surrounding streams, ecosystems, and existing surface water rights holders

Streamflow Depletion Water Rights

  • Detailed analysis of water rights, allocations, and licensing is provided in reports to support water supply and demand decisions now and into the future.
Understand when, where, and how much water is being used, and how much is left for future use

Streamflow Depletion Water Budgets

  • Generate on-demand reports, distilling vast amounts of environmental data (including climate change impacts) into insightful and interactive reports, charts, and graphs.
Provides a complete picture of the watershed environment

Streamflow Depletion Ecosystems Impact Analysis

  • Provide insight into the sustainability impacts on associated ecosystems of water withdrawals from any location.
Evaluate long term ecosystem sustainability

Streamflow Depletion Groundwater Sustainability

  • Simple management metrics to quantify the sustainability of an aquifer
Are aquifers sustainable into the future?

Why Foundry Spatial Water Framework?

Real Time Results and Analysis

On-demand, insightful information at any location, when you need it.

Save Time and Money

Groundwater studies are complex, time consuming, and expensive. Let the Foundry Spatial Water Framework do the complex work and analysis—at a fraction of the cost.

Simplify, Demystify, and Break the Accessibility Barrier

Clear presentation of science and data allows decision-makers and stakeholders at all levels to access the information they need.

Proven, Consistent Science

Our solutions are based on robust scientific methods, published in peer reviewed academic journals, and field tested in California.

Think Bigger

Sustainable outcomes require big picture thinking and the watershed perspective provided by the Foundry Spatial Water Framework. Data and scientific methods transcend administrative boundaries, and are unbiased and consistent across basins providing a holistic view of water resource management.

Think Long Term

The Foundry Spatial Water Framework is built on a modular technology platform designed to scale and grow, incorporating new methods and data to respond to future challenges.

Implementations of the Foundry Spatial Water Framework include:
BC Water Tool
Alberta Water Tool
California Water Framework
California Water Framework

California Water Framework

Achieving sustainable groundwater management in California is challenged by a lack of accessible, actionable information. The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) highlights the imminent need for technology, science and data to help pave the way towards water sustainability. The California Water Framework’s innovative end to end solution: data acquisition to web-based decision support is specifically designed to break this paradigm.

SGMA Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs) are a critical step to achieving long term sustainability, and the California Water Framework is here to help execute these plans.

Click here for California Water Framework brochure